Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bobby Fischer Against the World

When genius turns to madness…enthralling documentary portrait of the enigmatic chess genius Bobby Fischer.
Proving that truth really is stranger than fiction this fascinating documentary recounts the life story of the troubled chess player Bobby Fischer, from his childhood in Brooklyn, where he became addicted to the game at 6, to his international fame as a chess champion and eventual descent into reclusive eccentricity bordering on madness. From the highs of his famous 1972 “Match of the Century” showdown with Russian master Boris Spassky to the lows of anti-semitism and Holocaust denial, this unsettling film lends strength to the belief that sometimes, too much genius can drive a person insane.


John C said...

I caught this film in Berlin this spring and it's truly excellent. The more chessers that turn out for the screenings...the more chance that the QFT and other cinemas will show future chess-related documentaries.

If the Ulster Chess community doesn't support a Bobby Fischer documentary...we shouldn't gripe about chess having a low profile!

Colin said...

Portadown chessers Colin,Nial and Nigel enjoyed Fischer film recently at the Queens Film theatre.

Dennis the Menace said...

I agree with John C,,it was excellent,,I didnt expect to see many people there,,but i was pleasantly surprised by the turn out,,there must have been around 100 there to see it.I only recognised 2 chess players,,Bill McKittrick and David Jackson.