Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To postpone or not to postpone-that is the question!

Yes, everyone is talking and blogging about the latest postponement of that match-no, not the Anand-Topalov World Championship Match in Sofia, Bulgaria due to open tomorrow, but the vital Malone-Wannabies UCU division two decider which will now go ahead in Groomsport next Thursday 29/4/10, thanks to the sportsmanlike and generous gesture by the Malone captain to accept the suggestion of Bangor’s Garry ”Kasparov” Johnston. By the way, thanks for all the recent comments, good or bad, by fellow bloggers, although I hope Dennis the Menace is not trying to “mussel” in on my territory of pun-master! You will notice in the Parlour Bar, Elmwood Avenue, Belfast this Sunday night at 7.15pm, while playing the QUB April Blitz (see http://chess.club.qub.ac.uk/qubblitz.htm), that the “shot of the month” behind the bar is-you’ve guessed it-“Dennis the Menace”!

It’s a case of “Sofia” and no further for Viswanathan Anand, current world champion, who has been struggling to get there from Frankfurt due to the Icelandic volcanic ash cancelling his flight. The organisers have got themselves into a bit of a “lava” over the delayed arrival of the world champion to play their own countryman, Veselin (definitely no puns here!) Topalov and there are still conflicting reports over whether the weather will wither hopes of starting on time! By the way, I’ve heard of a new quiz programme in Iceland called “Ash the family”!

Finally, back to the antiques road show as I wheel out another of my old gems from the “Irish News”. Fittingly for the lambing season , it’s about Paddy Lambe again. When Paddy lost a game, I wrote: ”Lambe gets the chop”, whereas when he won, I noted: “Lambe is outstanding in his field”!



David McAlister said...

I took the liberty of adding one of Paddy Lambe's games, culled from Rookie's "Irish News" column. Definitely a case of a wolf in sheep's clothing, rather than a lambe to the slaughter!

Dennis the Menace said...

Looking forward to the title showdown between the Molly Malones and Wannabees.Good luck to both teams and congrats in advance to the eventual winners of what im sure will be a sporting encounter.Will there be a few celebratory shots of 'Dennis the Menace' to warm the 'cockles' of your heart partner?

Dennis the Menace said...

Loved the Lambe puns.Partner would make a 'mint' with his 'sauce' if he was in show business!

machiavelli said...

I think this is called the Herman Steiner....i recall Paddy telling me that 11.G3 rebuffs the line or 11.D4

BgB71 said...

'Sportsmanlike' and 'Generous'

Not only a pun-master but a world class comedian as well. Talent to burn it seems.